Take your commercial cleanliness standard to another level with Chela Janitorial Services, your professional janitorial company in Walnut Creek, Ca and the surrounding cities in contra costa county.

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Chela Janitorial Services Inc.

Good first impressions are crucial for any business or institution desiring to attract new clientele. The cleanliness level of your enterprise will speak for itself in conveying the standard you uphold. Chela Janitorial Services provides professional commercial cleaning services that can transform your enterprise into a beautiful, well-kept environment that exudes the highest standard of health and hygiene.

Our highly competent janitorial company in Walnut Creek can help you maintain a superior cleanliness standard to ensure your customers are protected from sickness or disease. The staff from our janitorial service in Walnut Creek takes every facet of their job seriously to provide you with the well-kept and hygienic environment you deserve.

Our cost-effective programs are designed to meet your janitorial service in Walnut Creek expectations and concerns. As your Walnut Creek cleaning company specialists, we thank you for your patronage and support.

“ We're not the biggest company but we sure are the cleanest ”